Calalla Beach

The Benton Sands Estate is situated 100 meters back from the shores of Callala Beach. The residences all acknowledge the simple relaxed retreat qualities expected of a village in a bush/beach setting.

The village consists of a range of 12 two and three bedroom houses, all two storeys, with an emphasis placed on retaining the beauty of the surrounding natural environment. The residences touch the earth lightly retaining the dynamics of the eco system within which they exist and engaging with the site. Many ESD issues such as the use of rainwater tanks and cross ventilation were incorporated.

Individually each residence focuses on simple open planning articulated by a central courtyard. Large areas of glazing opening on to decks, courtyards and balconies promotes a mix of indoor/outdoor living. Inspired by the romantic notion of the tree house, sailing roofs complete the beachside theme. The use of a simple palette of materials and colours supported by a light structure results in a modern yet sympathetic aesthetic to the site.


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